Full Car Restorations

We can restore your old rod!


There are many things to be considered when it comes to restoring a muscle car or a classic car. This includes the cost of repairs, spare parts, labor, finishing costs, and overall costs. At Christian Auto, we undertake full car restorations for all types of vehicles where you can rest assured of restoring your beauty at an incredibly reasonable cost. It doesn’t matter if you chanced upon a classic Camaro or Mustang in someone’s yard or simply need a few upgrades and paint job for your car, Christian Auto can have your machine looking as good as new with the help of our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

Full car restorations and your budget

While we undertake full car restorations at Christian Auto, you can rest assured our team of professionals will provide you with an honest assessment of the degree of restoration required. After all, you need to work within your budget and we will help you do that. While expenses do vary according to the age, type, and condition of the vehicle, it is possible to restore a car on a budget. No matter what, as our customer you will be involved in the restoration process right from the start. Full car restorations can involve repairs, replacements, a change of interiors, painting, and more. We recommend using original parts whether it is a carburetor, exhaust system or a gear box.

Appealing to the purist

When it comes to full car restorations we leave no stone unturned. The interiors are just as important as the engine, and we are well prepared for any overhaul of your vehicle’s interiors. After all, you will want to restore its interiors for its classic look. We believe in restoring any vehicle so that it remains true to a purist’s appeal. At Christian Auto, full car restoration entails paying great attention to every detail. That’s what results in an authentic restoration. After all, there are special techniques involved in a classic restoration.