Custom or Complete Paint Job

Are you looking at a custom paint job or just want to jazz up your vehicle with a new color?


If your car is involved in an accident, painting is one of the unavoidable jobs needed to bring a fresh look to it. On the other hand, scratches, peeling, and oxidation can cause paint damage, making your car look pretty ugly. At Christian Auto, we have the resources to restore your car to its original beauty with a custom or complete paint job. Paint jobs needn’t run into thousands of dollars. This is what we have proved to our ever growing list of satisfied customers time and again. We offer a variety of car paint services from budget car repaint work to custom jobs for show vehicles at a reasonable price.

Get a fresh look for your beauty on wheels

With each year Christian Auto’s reputation for custom or complete paint job services has grown stronger, a fact that we are proud of. No customer will ever be reminded that their car was damaged, and that is what we guarantee. We use state-of-the-art painting technology and continue to invest and train our technicians in the latest equipment to ensure that every vehicle leaves our workshop with the precise finishing that the customer desires. So, whether you are compelled to repaint your vehicle after an accident or simply fancy a change of color or a fresh look for your beauty on wheels, Christian Auto has the perfect solution to your needs.

A formula for success

We offer a variety of complete paint job packages which include a color change, two tone or sports collection designs. Of course, there are many more packages available at a competitive price so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle over for a fair and honest estimate. We believe in the 4G formula when it comes to custom or complete paint jobs, which is Good Paint, Good Painter, Good Painting environment, and Good customer service. At Christian Auto, we are sure you will like the new look of your car, thanks to our auto painting techniques.