Custom Body Modification

Would you like to add a body kit, spoiler, or custom scoop?


Whether you desire a mod body for your car or simply want to stand out from the crowd, at Christian Auto we are experts in custom body modifications. To enhance your vehicle’s exterior and create a unique visual appeal we have just the right team of designers and technicians who have worked on just about every type of vehicle from classic to contemporary. If you are in need of custom body modifications for your mean machine do not hesitate to contact us for a host of options. We perform custom body work on cars, trucks, and SUVs. This includes custom metal fabrication, roof modifications, auto body modifications, door modifications, custom grilles, body kits and much more.

We can produce any style for any car

Custom body modifications require special attention especially when it comes to choosing body kits that are available in a wide range of materials including carbon, fiberglass, and polyurethane. These materials need careful handling, which is best left to our professionals at Christian Auto. We will work according to your budget, which is as important when it come to custom body modifications. We have a fully equipped workshop dedicated to custom body modifications with cutters, drills, benders, welding machines, and all the tools needed to produce a unique look for your prized possession.

Any design is possible at Christian Auto

Our team is there to help you decide on the type of modifications so feel free to come in and discuss what you desire from your machine. This will enable us to put together a priceless design to suit your individual taste and requirements. Remember, we have no limits when it comes to modifications, the only one being your budget. However, the possibilities are endless, so think BIG if you must. Big wheels, Big body drops….. at Christian Auto, we will turn your dream into a reality.